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Are Sex Trafficking and Human Trafficking The Same?​

Are Sex Trafficking and Human Trafficking The Same?

‘Sex trafficking’ is commonly associated with kidnapping and can overlap with that type of crime in some instances, ‘human trafficking’ demands discussion and comes with its own two main subcategories: sex trafficking and labor trafficking.

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Sex Crimes When Should You Contact A Defense Attorney?

Sex Crimes: When Should You Contact A Defense Attorney?

The adage says, “innocent until proven guilty,” just being accused of a sex crime can cause a severe detriment to one’s personal life and reputation. Despite some laws that dissuade someone from levying a false accusation, especially in the context of a sex crime, false accusations do happen. For this reason, it is prudent to get an attorney involved as early on in the process as possible, even if the case against you appears false or flimsy.

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Criminal Defense Guide Getting Charged with Rape

Criminal Defense Guide: Getting Charged with Rape

When you get charged with rape, it can carry some of the most severe penalties under California law. Despite the severity of the accusation, and the stigma surrounding it, the possible outcomes– whether it be considered a misdemeanor or felony, for instance– might appear enigmatic. For this reason, it is always strongly recommended to involve a lawyer as soon as you can, at any stage of the accusation.

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