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Types of Charges We Can Handle

Criminal Defense

Popular media makes criminal defense cases look like open-and-shut matters. These narratives portray last-minute witnesses, surprising forms of evidence, and drama that wouldn’t last two seconds in a real courtroom. Needless to say, if you’re facing criminal charges, you want to take the matter seriously. You want a representative from Saffari Law Group.

Attorney Ninaz Saffari has spent the last two decades fighting for people’s rights and securing positive outcomes. If you’ve been arrested or even contacted by law enforcement, you benefit from mounting a strong defense at the outset. Our San Diego criminal defense lawyer can implement a strategy that puts your needs first. With prompt notice, we could even stop the state from filing charges at all.

Dial (213) 460-4922 to begin your initial legal consultation. We conduct case reviews over the phone or on Zoom––whichever suits your needs.

Our Law Firm’s Approach to Criminal Defense in San Diego

As a sole practitioner, Attorney Saffari chooses her clients carefully to provide undivided personal attention to each case. She works with senior case manager, Thomas Beck, and forensic computer specialist, Neil Broom, on a daily basis, and pulls from a circle of experts as required to meet the needs of each case. At our law firm, we live the mantra that “our cases become our causes.”

Over the years, Attorney Saffari has been prominently involved in numerous high-profile criminal cases. Early in her career, she helped with the 2004 acquittal of Rick Tabish following a murder conviction in the sensational death of Las Vegas casino mogul Ted Binion. Attorney Saffari also helped clear the name of a man falsely accused of raping two women.

At Saffari Law Group, we practice with compassion, not judgment. Each client is given our individual cellphone numbers to reach out as needed to discuss their case. We offer representation in English, Spanish, German, and Farsi. You can trust that we’ll keep your close loved ones in the loop about your case’s progression, too.

Our San Diego Criminal Defense Law Office Secures Positive Results

Every defendant has rights in the American criminal justice system—real rights, not just rights in theory. Defendants can be falsely accused, railroaded into bad plea deals, or suffer from inadequate legal counsel. Defendants must be properly represented to have their rights secured.

Defendants who come through the doors of our San Diego law firm get to work with a lawyer who believes in them and their rights. They work with a criminal defense attorney who understands the meticulous investigation required to build a case and the passionate vigor necessary to win it.

Trust Our Law Office to Fight for Your Freedom

We believe that our case results illustrate our commitment to clients’ rights. Some include:

  • Two business owners got into a brawl, inflicting serious injuries on one another. Our client faced life in prison for attempted murder and aggravated battery with serious injury. Attorney Saffari was able to get the charge downgraded to a misdemeanor, resulting in no time behind bars.
  • The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) pulled over our client on false pretenses, then proceeded to illegally search his car. Their search revealed a “ghost gun,” or an unregistered weapon without a serial number. By suppressing certain pieces of evidence, Attorney Saffari got our client’s charges dismissed.
  • The police found explicit material on our client’s computer, warranting lifetime registry on a child sex offender registry. By working closely with computer forensics expert Neil Broom, Attorney Saffari had the felony reduced to a misdemeanor, limiting the penalties our client originally faced.

Ms. Saffari believes that clients deserve more than legal representation; they deserve hope, and that’s exactly what we aim to provide. Call  (213) 460-4922 to learn more. 

Our San Diego Law Office Handles These Criminal Cases

At Saffari Law Group, our San Diego criminal defense is focused on serving clients facing charges in the following areas:

Assault and Battery  

An individual might be charged with assault if another person believed they were going to be attacked, based on the individual’s behavior or speech. A charge of battery follows if another person claims that the individual physically harmed them. The charges may be misdemeanors or felonies, depending on the circumstances. Crafting an effective defense for each requires a distinctive strategy tailored to its definition and scope.

Drug Criminal Offenses

San Diego’s size and location make it a major port for illegal substances and, therefore, drug crimes. Because law enforcement officials and the San Diego County District Attorney’s office are aggressive in charging individuals with drug crimes, it is all the more important that as a criminal defense law firm, we protect the vulnerable from false accusations and misconduct.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is an abhorrent crime, but being accused and charged does not mean an individual is guilty. At Saffari Law Group, we believe that everyone deserves a vigorous defense, just as we all deserve a chance at redemption. Defendants branded with these allegations will sometimes find friends or family turning their backs on them. Our legal team remains by your side.

Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol (DUI)

If a driver’s blood alcohol concentration tests 0.08% or higher, they may be charged with driving while intoxicated. However, DUI stops and the tests that are administered to drivers can be full of flaws. Share your driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance, and then tell the officer you want to remain silent and speak to your lawyer. That is your legal right.

Firearms and Weapons Crimes

California is extremely rigorous in the pursuit of strong gun laws. Individuals facing charges may be looking at misdemeanors or felonies and should be prepared for a legal fight, as prosecutors are not shy about going after defendants in these cases. Attorney Saffari has an extensive history facing off with the district attorney’s office and uses that knowledge to defend your rights.


Fraud crimes require finesse and expertise in multiple fields to develop an appropriate defense. At Saffari Law Group, we work with private consultants and experts in insurance, finance, and other areas in order to drill down to the exculpatory evidence that supports our client’s case.

Hit-and-Run Defense

A hit-and-run incident can lead to serious charges. However, there are extenuating circumstances that may result in a positive outcome, such as the driver’s lack of knowledge that harm was done or accepting financial responsibility for all losses. San Diego criminal defense lawyer Ninaz Saffari won’t overlook any strategy that may be to your benefit.


Homicide is a serious charge and may ultimately lead to the death penalty, but circumstances may prove that the homicide was justifiable or excusable, and therefore not a crime. Attorney Ninaz Saffari never presumes guilt and fights for everyone’s rights.

Juvenile Legal Defense

Juvenile defense is a specialized area of criminal law requiring the attorney to have full knowledge of all procedures, as they differ from those applicable to adult cases. Inexperienced attorneys who take on juvenile defense without proper preparation risk the outcome of the case and could face a malpractice suit or an investigation by the state bar. Saffari Law Group gives juvenile defendants and their families peace of mind throughout their legal journeys.

Post-Conviction Legal Defense

After a conviction and once the punishment is served, our attorney can help to ensure all probation requirements are met and probation is then terminated. After that, you’re faced with a record that cannot be completely expunged in California but can be cleaned to reduce the impact on your future. Once your record is clean, you may have brighter job opportunities, easier access to loans, and more access to higher education.

Pre-Filing Dismissal

Attorney Ninaz Saffari has a successful pre-filing dismissal track record. She does not wait for charges to be filed before launching into a defense, rather, she often aggressively pursues the dismissal of cases prior to any charges being filed. Individuals in San Diego and elsewhere in California have benefitted from her tireless advocacy.

Sex Crimes Legal Defense

Simply being charged with a sex crime in San Diego can shred an individual’s reputation. At Saffari Law Group, we deliver a robust and forceful legal defense because everyone deserves the protection our laws provide.


If an individual takes another person’s property without their consent or knowledge, by law, they have committed a theft. Depending on the circumstances, they may be charged with a misdemeanor or felony. There are multiple defenses to such charges, such as mistaken identity or unlawful police procedures. Our criminal defense lawyer in San Diego will take the case apart to try and find supporting evidence that either reduces the charges or gets them dismissed.

Violent Crimes

An individual charged with a violent crime needs an attorney with an extensive legal background to bring hope and find a navigable path through the serious charges. With 20 years and scores of trials behind her, Attorney Ninaz Saffari does that for her clients.

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