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Los Angeles Pre-Trial Dismissal Lawyer

A pre-filing dismissal is, as the name suggests, an action to get a criminal case dismissed before the charges are officially filed. Attorney Ninaz Saffari has built a track record of success as a Los Angeles pre-filing dismissal lawyer. The reason is that Attorney Saffari, and everyone in the offices of Saffari Law Group work diligently, with a deep understanding of the law, our client’s rights and we aggressively pursue all available options. 

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Reasons Pre-Filing Dismissals Are Granted

The pre-filing dismissal is done before law enforcement officials hand a case over the District Attorney’s Office for prosecution. The most common reasons for this action include the following: 

Insufficient Evidence

A conscientious Los Angeles pre-filing dismissal attorney, like what can be found at our office, does their own investigation, and examines their own evidence. Furthermore, with experience that goes back over 18 years, we understand what a good case looks like and when a prosecutor’s case looks weak. When it’s the latter, we can make the case that it’s simply a waste of time and city resources to pursue a transparently weak case. When that argument is made by a defense lawyer with a track record of securing acquittals in court, it may have a stronger impact on authorities. 

Dispute Between Suspect and Victim

An example might be if two people are in an altercation and one is arrested for assault. The other person may tell the prosecutor that no crime was committed, and charges should be dismissed. This can be most common in domestic violence cases where the alleged victim may no longer wish to have charges filed. 

Lack of Public Interest

Public interest in this context refers to the District Attorney’s office. This can be for any number of reasons, including whatever the current caseload and priorities are. This is another area where the good reputation of a Los Angeles pre-filing dismissal lawyer, as one who takes cases to trial and wins them, might influence thinking in the D.A.’s office. 

Defendant Brings Proof

As part of the investigation done by the defense team, there may be evidence unearthed that establishes the defendant did not do what they are charged with, or at least had no cause or intent to do so. For the prosecution to win a conviction, they will have to get a unanimous vote of 12 jurors that not only is the defendant guilty, but that they are is no reasonable way to think otherwise. That’s an extremely high legal bar, and when the defendant’s attorney can bring supporting evidence early in the process, it may cause the prosecutor to simply dismiss the case and move on to something else. 

A Legal Fighter Who Doesn’t Back Down

No one likes to be in a battle with someone who doesn’t back down and knows how to win. Prosecutors are no different. Saffari Law Group has demonstrated our willingness to take on tough cases, to refuse plea deals that aren’t in the best interests of our client, and to passionately make a defendant’s case before a jury. We can never promise an outcome, whether it’s pre-trial dismissal or anything else. We can say that we have a track record that might make a prosecuting lawyer prefer to try their luck elsewhere. You want us on your side. 

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