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People often use assault and battery interchangeably. But in reality, they are two separate crimes and require different approaches when it comes to legal defense strategies. We can leverage our experience handling these cases to fight your charges.

Ninaz Saffari has been a successful criminal defense lawyer for over 18 years, and in 2016, she founded Saffari Law Group. Committed to a rigorous defense of the rights and reputation of our clients, Saffari Law Group takes pride in the individual attention we give each defendant who comes through our doors.

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The Difference Between Assault and Battery

The state of California defines assault as an intentional threat of violence against another person. It does not have to involve physical contact for criminal charges to be brought and can encompass verbal or psychological threats as well.

Battery, on the other hand, is a physical attack that involves contact with another person without their consent. It can range from pushing or shoving to punching or kicking.

The difference in the nature of each crime means that battery must be proven with physical evidence, i.e., the defendant’s DNA on the alleged victim or something else that proves the contact occurred. Assault can be a grayer area, relying on witness testimony and other forms of evidence that an experienced Los Angeles assault and battery lawyer might dispute in court or pretrial motions.

Legal Defenses We Can Use Against an Assault Charge

Every allegation has its dynamic, and that’s why we take the time to give each case real personal attention. Generally speaking, though, there are some common defenses we can pursue against these criminal charges.

It may be possible to argue self-defense or provocation:

  • Self-defense relies on demonstrating that the defendant acted out of necessity to protect themselves from immediate danger caused by another person’s actions.
  • Provocation requires showing that actions taken by another person were sufficient to provoke violent behavior.

Winning a case on these grounds means demonstrating that a reasonable person would have responded as the defendant did. Who decides what’s reasonable? A jury. The verdict a jury reaches may come down to how well a criminal defense attorney presents their client’s case.

Criminal Defense

Legal Defenses We Can Use Against a Battery Charge

The defense strategies with battery allegations will revolve around what level of physical evidence the prosecution has. In cases where that evidence is low, the defense may argue that their client did not commit the act they are accused of. The prosecution is responsible for proving otherwise and doing so beyond any reasonable doubt. Experienced lawyers, as we have at Saffari Law Group, understand how to chip away at a prosecution’s case and create reasonable doubt in the minds of jurors who must then reach a unanimous verdict.

In cases where physical evidence is strong, we may be able to use the same self-defense and provocation strategies used in assault cases. A Los Angeles assault and battery attorney might also use what’s called a mitigation strategy, essentially arguing that their client was unaware of the potential severity of the actions taken and perhaps agreeing to seek counseling and rehabilitation.

Defendants should work with legal counsel with the experience necessary to gauge the caliber of the District Attorney’s evidence properly and to weigh that in light of possible defenses and any plea agreements that may be offered.

What Sets Saffari Law Group Apart?

Saffari Law Group isn’t your standard criminal defense firm. Our Los Angeles assault and battery defense lawyers are advocates for justice. We are a five-star law firm offering first-class service and aggressive representation. A few things that set us apart:

A Dedication to Our Clients, Their Cases, and Their Families

You aren’t just a case to us. You’re a person experiencing a terrifying, life-changing situation. When you work with us, Ninaz:

  • Protects your rights
  • Ensures we are available to you after hours and on weekends (you even get our personal cell numbers)
  • Doesn’t talk down to you or sugarcoat anything
  • Acts as a family counselor and advocate
  • Never passes your case off to an associate or junior attorney

A History of Success

Our case results demonstrate our passion and dedication to our clients. A few examples of past successes include:

  • A charge reduction from Attempted Murder and Aggravated Battery Causing Serious Bodily Injury to misdemeanor Trespass to Closed Lands: Our client was involved in a physical dispute that resulted in serious injuries. We were able to get the Attempted Murder and Aggravated Battery charges dismissed. In the end, our client pleaded to a misdemeanor, “Trespass to Closed Lands.” After the client completed drug and alcohol outpatient counseling, the trespass charge was also dismissed.
  • A case dismissal for a client facing jail time for battery on police officers and EMTs: Our client was facing several charges after allegedly resisting arrest and committing battery on peace officers and EMTs. It was determined that our client had been drugged by a patron, then beaten up by bouncers, and, as a result, became violent. After our client completed a diversion program, the case was dismissed, and our client’s record was clean.
  • A misdemeanor domestic battery charge: Our client allegedly attacked her partner, who had an existing protective order against her. Ninaz battled with the DA’s office for over nine months and managed to get our client’s charges reduced to domestic battery. The client was required to go through 90-day outpatient counseling (instead of the standard 52 weeks) and had three years of probation.

Ninaz has handled over 70 trials, many of them very high-profile cases. She often wins these cases at the opening argument due to her intelligence, passion, and ability to persuade jurors.

Our Los Angeles Assault and Battery Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles Is Here to Help

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