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Violent Crimes

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Defending Against Violent Crime Charges in Los Angeles County

Accusations of a violent crime can leave defendants facing potentially dire consequences. An experienced Los Angeles violent crimes lawyer can provide a legal defense that is properly tailored to each unique case. The success of the defense may well depend an having on advocate who knows how to take decisive action and has a track record of success

Attorney Ninaz Saffari has built a reputation as a successful trial lawyer going all the way back to 2005. She founded Saffari Law Group in 2016 so that defendants could have a place to turn for vigorous representation and detail-oriented diligence

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Types Of Violent Crimes in California

 In the state of California, a violent crime is defined as any criminal offense that involves using or threatening physical force or violence against another individual. These types of crimes are oftentimes considered to be very serious offenses and carry significant penalties under California law. The penalties for violent crimes in California will vary depending on the specific offense that was committed, the circumstances surrounding the crime, and the defendant’s criminal history. The scope of violent crimes is broad and can include everything from assault and battery to domestic violence to sex crimes to murder. But violent crimes can also be narrowly targeted criminal allegations that include cases like these: 

Dissuading a Witness or Victim

Deterring a witness or victim from testifying can manifest in several ways, including an act of murder or assault on a witness or their family and friends. A defendant may also be accused of bribing a witness not to testify at trial. When clients are charged with this and other violent crimes, they need reliable legal counsel. Saffari Law Group serves the entire state of California. Call us at 213-460-4922 or fill out our online contact form to set up a free consultation.

Gang Enhancements

In Los Angeles County, labeling Black and Latino men as “documented” or “admitted” gang members has been an issue of great concern for over two decades. The charge of gang membership can have a deeply negative impact on the life of defendants. It can stand as a separate crime unto itself, or it can be used as a tool for sentencing enhancement with other crimes. It must be fought by a passionate and committed Los Angeles violent crimes attorney, like what clients find at Saffari Law Group. 


Punishments for kidnapping offenses in Los Angeles County are among the most severe. The District Attorney’s Office can be especially proactive in prosecuting this crime. The consequences of a conviction may include life imprisonment without parole, and even death sentences are not off the table in the state of California. 

Shooting Crimes

Misdemeanor shooting charges may be given for offenses such as improper discharge of a firearm, brandishing a gun in public without intent to harm anyone, or accidental discharges resulting in property damage but not injury. On the other hand, felony charges are typically reserved for instances involving an intentional or reckless discharge of a firearm resulting in injuring another person or causing death. Felony convictions can result in sentences that could range from several years up to life in prison.

Criminal Defense

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It’s imperative that defendants have a Los Angeles violent crimes lawyer who isn’t afraid of the courtroom and knows how to win in front of a jury. Facing charges of violent crimes is scary, and a District Attorney’s office may leverage that fear to try and get defendants to plead guilty. Experienced attorneys that are ready for the fight of a trial are the line of defense between defendants and getting railroaded by the system. Saffari Law Group gives clients the kind of lawyer they need. 

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