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My Attorney Ninaz Saffari saved my life. I spent most of my life in prison with a criminal record spanning from juvenile to adulthood. I was criminally profiled by the LAPD due to my criminal past for a crime I did not commit. Facing 26 years for a double robbery going through 4 different lawyers all of whom had no backbone, I was referred to Attorney Saffari as a fighter in the courtroom. I walked out of court a free man due to this attorney's hard work and know-how. I have trusted my life in the work. Note: first charged with double robbery. Plead out to a Felony receiving stolen property, summary probation, one year in jail time served. I could have won at trial but the deal was good and my family didn’t want a trial.
Kevin F.
Hearing went extremely well and resulted in no charges being filed and the matter was dropped. This was by far the most difficult time of my life and I am very grateful to Ninaz Saffari for her excellent representation. I strongly encourage anyone facing criminal charges to meet with her so that they can begin the process of feeling better and resolving their case.
If you're reading this, you're in trouble! I thought I could handle it myself and researched days, weeks, months only to find a few glimmers of hope to use in my defense. Ninaz found these and more within a few hours of reading my file. She also possess' another rare trait, she is fearless of the prosecution and unafraid to fight for your right to a fair trial. Other attorneys may promise this, however not all are so willing, almost eager to point out when the other side is not exactly playing fair. In my particular case, discovery of a particular report took close to 5 months!!! Ninaz fought for me and my case has been dismissed! Thank you Ninaz and Shouse staff!
Being arrested can be a scary ordeal and finding someone that would understand you and your position is important to a successful trial. Ninaz was very approachable, understanding and put me at ease even at the worst time of the entire situation. If you need someone that is going to go above and beyond; she is someone you can rely on to provide service excellence!
Let me tell you a little something about Mrs. Ninaz Saffari and the house staff...they are a true breath of fresh air!! My husband and I found their website and spoke with Mr. Mark Russ who basically runs that office and he just made us feel so comfortable over the phone...we live in rancho cucamonga and their office is in L.A. We were looking for someone local but after speaking with Mark we did not mind the 45min-1hr drive. when we met with Ninaz and her team she listened, took her time, asked lots of questions and details, let us ask lots of questions, and broke the whole process down for us. Before we hired Ninaz my husband had a public defender who refused to even look at me, let alone answer 1 of my questions; as a wife, you course want to be involved and informed especially when ur husband is being accused and facing 9-20... Ninaz always kept me involved in some way, where I didn't even feel like I needed to ask much because she was always very informative and always took her time. We never felt rushed at our first meeting, she didn't spend her time looking at the clock or her watch to see if our time was up, she made sure she had all the facts and details and answered our questions. From the beginning we always felt very comfortable, she was always honest and she doesn't have a conceited arrogant typical attorney attitude that you see usually, but those guys are very confident and made us feel good and positive. she always made sure she told us what we could be looking at if things didn't work in our favor and always gave us an honest opinion never sugar coated things or got pushy or rude. after walking out of their office my husband and I decided in the elevator that we definitely wanted to go with them. Ninaz and the staff are very professional and hard-working, they know their stuff, and believe me they work their asses off. their dedication shows through their work, and their interest in your case is so reassuring. They were always working on the case and looking for witnesses and calling the witnesses, and subpoenaing the witnesses when they had to. they are always prepared and never leave you hanging. They treat you like a person who is honestly dealing with a life-changing matter, not just a dollar sign. our case went to trial, and Ninaz is like a mike tyson with what comes out of her mouth; she is so well prepared and has such a strong team backing her that she is a little spitfire in court, and she will argue to the death!...there were a few times where we thought we were going to have to bail her out! lol, but honestly, they are great. they were a blessing for us, and we could not be any more thankful and grateful that we found husband is 100% not guilty of what he was accused of, but we are 100% sure that we would not have beaten that case with his public defender. we did not just win because we were always telling the truth but because they worked their asses off for us and went above and beyond proving my husband's innocence. My husband and I will forever be grateful to them. Ninaz and Mark are amazing, and we just could not have been happier. we were way beyond ourselves when we beat the case and are glad it's over, but I would be lying if I told you we didn't miss them.
My bother got charged with sexual battery and she got the case dismissed. She always returned my calls even on evenings and weekends. We always worked on a strategy to help my bother with his case. She was aggressive and determined to get my bother the best solution to his case. Ninaz stood up to the judge and got us the best solution to our problem. She is by far the best lawyer I ever worked with. I will recommend her to everyone.
Ninaz made me feel comfortable, I interviewed a few lawyers, and there was no comparison. Here are a few highlights of an overall A+ lawyer. Her depth of knowledge in the fields we needed was spot on. She knows the right people, extremely responsive. Her track record is excellent. I was lucky to work with her!
As a parent of and innocently accused son, it was imperative to find an experienced criminal defense attorney. After going through attorney's who were overwhelmed with my son's case, we found Ninaz Saffari at Shouse Law Goup and they were indeed a godsend. This was a totally unexpected and traumatic event in our families lives. I have to say Ninaz was exceptionally polished and professional, my son was facing two life sentences for a crime he did not commit. Ninaz and her team went to work immediately, reviewing my son's case and offering legal options and more specifically, solutions to assist in my son's defense. Ninaz was not only able to effectively defend my son's case, but all charges were dismissed. We as family never felt more relieved and grateful and ecstatic at the same time. I would highly recommend Ninaz, and her assistant Mark Ross and the entire Shouse Law Group to any family in need of experienced, knowledgeable attorney. When you or a loved one don't know who to turn to, I cannot stress enough the necessity of an attorney who can not only assist but genuinely cares for you as a client. She was relentless in work ethic and highly skilled in her legal skills, she is the kind of an attorney who knows how the legal system works and what actions to take to fully defend her clients. As a parent you cannot ask of more than that in a criminal defense attorney, I know she is one of the best! I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of an exceptional criminal defense attorney!
I would just like to start of by saying the past 3 months were the scariest, most stressful of my life. I don’t want to imagine where I would be right now with out Ms Ninaz Safari. The DA strongly fought for me to serve 6 years in State Prison but Ninaz never gave up on me, even when I did. Her professionalism and determination is flawless and after a few attempts she finally struck a deal. Without her experience and pervious knowledge of the DA and courthouse it would have been a losing battle. Nina got the DA to drop the prison time. My family and I are so thankful to have a strong amazing Attorney on my side.
Ninaz helped me out of very tough situation, and it was her negotiating with the prosecutor which saved me. She was confident and tenacious, was very impressed. The charge was completely dropped thanks to Ninaz. Highly recommended.
I do not know how to put into words the gratitude I have for Mrs. Shaffari. I was a victim of a violent crime, however, due to a sophisticated suspect and an unconscionable and deficient investigation, I was arrested for that crime. I have worked in law for over 17 years and never thought I would find myself thrown over to the other side of the fence. I was confused, frightened, traumatized and victimized again, and knew I had to find someone who would not only fight for my freedom, but for justice. My first complimentary consultation lasted over 3 hours and Mrs. Shaffari listened intently to every word. I knew from that first meeting, she was the right attorney for me. Mrs. Shaffari has proven herself to be fierce and knowledgeable and the confidence I have with her on my side is invaluable. Mrs. Shaffari is always available and I am constantly amazed when I get a phone call, email or text message from her on the weekends or after hours. I have also spent more the one late night at her office working on my case without ever feeling rushed or burdensome. If you are looking for an attorney who will fight for you and who will fearlessly take on the District Attorney’s Office with impeccable dedication to your case, she is your choice.
If you are in trouble and you are nesd first class representation call Ninaz. I retained her to represent me in a criminal case and she is now my full time counsel. Sharp as a sword, fearless as a lion, beautiful as a lotus flower. A deadly combination.
Responded to every text or call I had promptly, kept me updated on the case throughout. Outlined all possible scenarios at all steps in the case and helped me to make the best decision possible at every juncture. She fought very aggressively for me and the results were phenomenal, I was amazed at the work she did. Undoubtedly worth every penny and then some of what I paid for legal services. Would highly recommend her as a criminal attorney. Thank you Ninaz!!!
Ninaz Saffari is one of the best criminal defense lawyers you can find. Not only she has a unique ability to demonstrate the facts as they actually happened but her powerful presence in the courtroom gives a sense of total dominance . She owns the courtroom. She is not afraid to take a case to trial and every time she performs, the audience is mesmerized with her beautiful looks , charming smile and this powerful voice that has the prosecutors praying for the trial to be over. Furthermore I have to add Ninaz Saffari's collaborator/assistant Mark Russ who will be the next big thing in criminal defense lawyers in the state of California. An exceptional young man and attorney. Together Ninaz Saffari and Mark Russ took me under their guidance not only as a client but they gave me a feeling of friendship and hope. They really believed in me. These two people took a case that it was probably a looser and made it victorious. They saved my life . They gave me an opportunity to reestablish myself as an honorable human being and reach my life's full potential. Ninaz Saffari and Mark Russ THANK YOU. I will always be greatful.
I had the honor of accompanying my very close friend to hearings and a two-week trial for her son who was wrongfully accused of a criminal offense. Prior to the trial, Ms Saffari was always available, extremely confident, compassionate, and trust worthy These attributes carried over to her trial work where we were able to witness the true scope of her skills, knowledge, and technique. She is an excellent litigator and a fine human being. I highly recommend Ms. Ninas Saffari should you find yourself in need of an excellent defense attorney.
Ms. Saffaris persistence and negotiations with the DA helped get a very serious charge reduced. I am certain that if it wasn't for her determination and experience I would have gotten a far more grave charge. My family and I will forever be grateful for having this very experienced lawyer on our defense. I highly recommend her.
Ninaz is absolutely brilliant. She is a walking proof that having an attorney who has a close working relationship with the District Attorney can SAVE YOUR LIFE. Without her I would have had a FELONY (shoplifting) charge on my record. And she managed to get all the charged DISMISSED and keep my record clean. She is extremely knowledgeable and she knows when to push and when to be patient. She is highly respected by the District Attorneys as well as the judges. I consider myself very fortunate to have found Ninaz. I can not thank her enough for all she did for me. She saved my future!
When your son is suddenly arrested on felony charges, life turns upside down in an instant. We were completely out of our realm and lost. Finding Ninaz Saffari for criminal defense was a true gift. Ninaz immediately went to work examining the case and preparing for anything the prosecution might present. She developed a defense strategy that ended with a settlement agreement far beyond our expectations after a very long and terrifying trial. I learned that criminal law is messy and complicated at best. There is no level playing field here. You must have the best criminal defense in LA County. We experienced the withholding of evidence, skewing of the facts, and outright cheating and lies. These problems permeated this obviously biased criminal courtroom. Ninaz was brilliant and relentless. She piloted us through very dangerous waters. She has a very strong presence in the courtroom. Her poise, confidence, complete knowledge of the law, this particular case, and her ability to work well with all others in the judicial system is amazing to witness. I recommend Ninaz Saffari without reservation. Anyone requiring criminal defense in the Los Angeles area needs her skills.
In March 2014, I was convicted of four different criminal accounts. Ninaz Saffari and her Team did an excellent job on my case. Ninaz was able to get all of the charges dropped. She is a very tough and professional Lawyer. Ninaz was very determined to win my case, she also went to the DMV hearing so that I could get my License back and proceed on getting my commercial drivers license. Thank You, Ninaz and Mark Russ for all of your hard work and dedication
Our son was charged with extreme charges such as 10 counts of rape and 1 kidnap charge. Ninaz work ethics were beyond imagination, she was very determined and fought for our son's innocence. All her court sessions were amazing, she was very honest and always kept her word. She was also very attentive to our needs as a family as we were going through a very hard time in our lives. Our son was set free after six months of jail time and formal probation including taking classes based on false accusations. We are forever grateful and appreciative of all her hard work, effort and dedication she put towards this case. Thank you Ninaz!
Ninaz Saffari was hired for a sexual crime case and was amazing during the whole process and in court! It was for my son so I had no clue what this all would entail. She answered all my phone calls, spent numerous hours on the phone answering any questions I had, to reassure me and advise me of what was going to happen in court and during this whole process. She was courteous, professional and was exciting to watch in court. With her experience, quick wit and strategies that was used in court, she was able to get the charges dropped from long prison time to probation and classes due to proving these were false allegations. If you need a hard-working, professional go getter, she is the perfect lawyer for you. Thank you again Saffari for bringing these boys home!
My logic snapped more in place in here presence. Never failing to give her undivided attention to me, she took hold of my concerns and realigned them into practical next steps. Her presence warmly resonated expertise and strong authority. A balance I highly appreciated and respected. I am confident that I made the right decision, evident by her successful direction. An outcome that honored the law with disciplined respect and favor; simultaneously relieving the situation that I was greatly pleased with.
I highly recommend my defense attorney Ninaz Saffari. I was charged with domestic violence crimes against my wife which I did not commit. I would have been convicted had my dad not found the Shouse Law Group. Ninaz and Mark Russ were instrumental in defending me and ultimately my life. I was found not guilty on all charges thanks to their hard work and dedication. Thank you for giving me my life back!
In 2013 I was charged with two major felonies facing two life sentences. Ninaz was the third lawyer I hired. The other two failed me miserably. She took my case and immediately I felt confident that I would have a fighting chance. She got both cases dropped. 15 in county jail for something I didn't do! Thanks to my guardian angel Ninaz Safari I am a free man today remarried and enjoying a second chance ! Thank you Ninaz for your professional and personal attention you gave me and my family.
Corey S.
I highly recommend Ninaz Saffari for certain domestic violence matters. Following a heated argument, which became mutually physical, regrettably, the attending officers deemed me as the "Dominant Aggressor" and, to both my partner's and my disbelief, I was arrested for domestic violence. Ms. Saffari spent time with me to take my own statement and provide legal advice. Once hired, Ms. Saffari represented me at a City Attorney Hearing. In addition to being knowledgable and providing excellent legal advice, Ms. Saffari has an excellent demeanor and clearly a gained respect in representation. Again, I would highly recommend her in these types of matters.
Being arrested is absolutely horrifying. Period. Mine was an under-the-influence drug charge in California, the circumstances of which were too embarrassing to ask friends or family for assistance. Instead, I took to the internet. For several days I visited many law firm sites, reviewed video clips, and read all the great things that would happen if I chose their services. But I was afraid to make a decision. Too many horror stories of lawyers who would take large retainers and disappear, rarely call people back, not show up for court, etc. I knew that once I made the investment, I wouldn't be able to walk away and hire another. One late night around 10:30 I decided to pick the five I liked the best. I sent emails requesting to be contacted. Just minutes later, Neil from Shouse Law Group called me. I was so impressed with our conversation and, even though I struggled with the thought of going with the very first firm I spoke with, I followed my instinct and went for it. Ninaz was assigned to my case and, in retrospect, my instincts served me well. All of reviews here are totally on point. Ninaz is personable, compassionate, knowledgeable of the law and, probably most important, she knows the turf and those who play on it. Her relentless, aggressive style used when fighting for me paid off and, although I hope that I never have to use her again, I will definitely refer anyone I know looking for a top-notch defense attorney. Thank you so much, Ninaz, and may you have continued success!
Ninaz was not only a great professional. She understood my problem, she was sensitive and supportive about the process. I couldn't choose better. Every time replying my questions, and making sure everything was on track and ready. I had my case dismissed and was all her job. I recommend her as a professional and person. If you're In trouble youre gonna need a person who can be in you're shoes, to understand you, without judging and being sensitive. I'm an immigrant and you can imagine how difficult can be being alone and unprotected. She's amazing. Thanks Ninaz! I hope I do not need your services again. But just in case I'll keep your contact because you're THE BEST
Ninaz was not only a great professional. She understood my problem, she was sensitive and supportive about the process. I couldn't choose better. Every time replying my questions, and making sure everything was on track and ready. I had my case dismissed and was all her job. I recommend her as a professional and person. If you're In trouble youre gonna need a person who can be in you're shoes, to understand you, without judging and being sensitive. I'm an immigrant and you can imagine how difficult can be being alone and unprotected. She's amazing. Thanks Ninaz! I hope I do not need your services again. But just in case I'll keep your contact because you're THE BEST
I wanna thank attorney Ninaz Saffari for helping me out on my case. She is very professional and very educated person. I will definitely recommend her to any person looking for an attorney. I also wanna thank all her assistants they keep you informed and updated of your case. Ninaz Saffari your the best thank you for all your help best wishes.
Jose C.
Ms Saffari provided me with excellent advice and counseling throughout the entire year in which she represented me. She was very responsive and provided much more in depth knowledge in the areas of law concerned, as well as showing extensive knowledge of the courts and justice system, which proved critical to my situation. I have no reservations in highly recommending her to anyone I know personally.
I found myself facing one of the most grave arrests I could have ever imagined. Ninaz was never phased by the gravity of the potential charge. I retained her instantly and it was the best thing I could have done. Having never been in this kind of situation before I was disillusioned and thought the system should afford me certain protections. From the onset she showed this combat veteran that this isn't the time to wait for protection and feel sorry for yourself. This is the time to fight for yourself. No matter the circumstance once you are now in the "system" you have to fight the system on its turf. She help me get my mind right. She helped me gather all of the pertinent facts from our side and ensured they got into the hands of the detectives and on to the DA with the police report. Her swift, steady, and bold actions lead to a DA refusal and no charges filed. If it wasn't for her assertiveness, knowledge of the law, and drive to fight I am convinced I would have let them bring the fight to me and then try and defend myself. That would have been a grave mistake and I am sure my ordeal would have been much worse. If you find yourself in need of criminal defense you need to retain Ninaz Saffari as soon as you possibly can. While the process can be lengthy and seem overwhelming time is not on your side. The earlier you get a knowledgeable, respected attorney like Ninaz on your side the better your chances of the most favorable outcome possible given the facts. Ninaz I am forever grateful for what you did for me during what was for me the most horrific situation I could have ever imagined becoming a part of. Thank You!!!
This team of awesome lawyer did an amazing job for me when I thought my life was over they helped me to a fair honest case. I must say that k you to Nina safari And mark for really getting it in the judges head I'm a good kid just struggling in life thank you for your help
Ninaz Saffari is a genuine class act. I count myself as extremely fortunate to have had the good fortune of having her represent me as my criminal defense attorney. To say that our justice system is overwhelming and intimidating would be the understatement of a lifetime. Having this be my first experience with being charged as a “criminal” I would have been lost, and most likely convicted of the five charges that I was faced with and these charges would have had a minimum of 9 years in state prison. So, needless to say not only did Ninaz bring me confidence, but more importantly comfort during what has been one of the most stressful periods of my life. Mrs. Saffari was always extremely approachable and compassionate. She thoroughly reviewed my situation and worked very closely with the District Attorney to get 4 of my charges dropped and the remaining one brought down to a misdemeanor. Her professionalism is evident when you see how the District Attorney’s and judges alike equally respect and listen to her. As a human being she is exceptional, she did a fair amount of hand holding and explaining the various procedures with me and never once did I feel rushed, patronized or condescended to. Hopefully I will never need Mrs. Saffari’s legal services again, but I will always count her as a dear friend. If you find yourself in a precarious criminal legal situation you would be doing yourself a grave injustice by not hiring Ninaz Saffari as your legal counsel.

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