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You’re innocent until proven guilty. That’s a right you’re guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution. However, when you’re going up against domestic violence charges, law enforcement, the prosecution, and even your friends and family may think you’re guilty. You deserve a chance to clear your name and have your side of the story heard.

Meet Attorney Ninaz Saffari. She started her career as a public defender, where she learned to turn the tides with even the smallest amounts of evidence. Now, as a criminal defense attorney serving Los Angeles, she’s ready to put her skills to work for you. Don’t risk a conviction by handling your defense alone. Instead, learn about partnering with Saffari Law Group when you dial (213) 460-4922.

Our Los Angeles Team Protects You From the Complications of a Conviction

It might not feel this way, but you’re in a precarious situation. Anything you share verbally, online, or even with your loved ones can later be used against you. You might not know who you can trust. This is where Attorney Ninaz Saffari comes in. She has spent the last 20 years of her career helping clients overcome even the most complex charges. With each successful case, she gains even more knowledge and experience, truly making her a force to be reckoned with.

Attorney Saffari and her team aim to help you avoid:

  • Time behind bars. Whether you’re sentenced to county jail or a state prison, you’ll experience threats to your safety and mental well-being. You don’t want that. We help you retain your freedom and remain with your loved ones.
  • Fines. Fines can easily exceed $1,000 based on the details of the alleged crime.
  • Loss of child custody. Family courts act in the best interest of children. A judge may not think you’re a fit parent if you’re convicted of domestic violence. You could find yourself seeing your children in a limited capacity—and even then, under supervision.

It’s never too early to consult a criminal defense attorney about your legal options. Even if you were involved in an incident, and the police haven’t contacted you yet, it’s a good idea to arm yourself with representation. Many times, Attorney Saffari is able to overcome criminal charges before they get filed.

We Shield You From the Collateral Penalties of a Domestic Violence Conviction

In addition to the penalties listed above, it’s vital that you consider securing our criminal defense lawyer’s help because:

  • A restraining order could prevent you from living at your current residence or interacting with members of your household.
  • Domestic violence charges or convictions can be barriers to renting a new place.
  • Your path to citizenship may be blocked or, if convicted, you may face deportation.
  • The reputational damage of a conviction is extensive. You may find your workplace to be a hostile environment, or you may have difficulty finding a new job.

Don’t show up in court on the day of your trial unrepresented. Instead, contact Saffari Law Group and secure the advocacy you deserve.

What to Know About Domestic Violence Charges in Los Angeles

The laws in California surrounding domestic violence crimes change frequently. That’s why it’s important to stay abreast of changes in state law and understand how they affect your defense. You should know that:

Domestic Violence Isn’t Limited to Romantic Relationships

When many people think of or hear the term “domestic violence,” they imagine intimate partner violence. But that’s not the case. Domestic violence constitutes any form of abuse committed against these possible members of your household:

  • Someone who currently lives with you or used to live with you
  • Someone you’ve dated or been engaged to
  • Blood relatives
  • A current or ex-spouse
  • A co-parent of your child
  • A child of a parent

Domestic violence charges can intersect with other crimes. For instance, in addition to domestic violence, you may also face charges of child endangerment. If the police came to your house and found drugs, you could face drug possession charges. In situations like these, you want a defense that’s curated to meet your needs. Saffari Law Group handles even the most challenging cases, and we don’t back down when things get tough.

You Don’t Have to Speak to Law Enforcement

While it’s a good idea to cooperate with the police and maintain a respectful relationship, avoid sitting down to answer questions without your attorney present. Anything you say can and will be used against you. With Attorney Ninaz Saffari on your side, she’ll make sure that your rights remain protected and give the police the information they need.

How Our Domestic Violence Attorney in Los Angeles Fights for You

Many domestic violence cases result from “he said, she said” situations. Yet, that doesn’t make the charges you face trivial. You don’t want to assume anything about the judge or jury. You want a strong defense.

Because California laws allow domestic violence cases to proceed without obvious signs of physical injury, our attorney must draw on years of experience in her approach to defending you and protecting your rights. Attorney Saffari always pushes cases to trial unless an early and very favorable resolution is available for you. In the courtroom, she’s known for her killer instinct and flawless ability to recall even the smallest details.

Our law firm:

  • Creates and implements a defense tailored to your situation
  • Moves to have improperly gathered evidence barred from trial
  • Sees your case through to the end
  • Discusses plea deals when necessary
  • Objects to unfair proceedings
  • Partakes in jury selection
  • Maintains all case-related communications
  • Represents you at trial

Connect with Saffari Law Group at (213) 460-4922.

Saffari Law Group’s Dedication to Clients Facing Domestic Abuse Charges

At Saffari Law Group, our cases become our causes. We choose our cases carefully because we want to give each client the time and attention to detail they deserve. Each client gets their attorney’s direct line for easy access, and don’t worry—we answer questions outside of office hours regularly.

Unlike many other law firms, we don’t sugarcoat matters. Your case is also never passed off to associates or junior criminal law attorneys. Attorney Ninaz Saffari personally handles each case that comes across her desk. Some of her recent case results include:

  • Our client was a first-year medical doctor who was arrested after allegedly beating up his girlfriend. This case was complicated because the police’s body cameras had incriminating evidence. Yet, through a plea deal, we were able to have our client’s charges reduced, allowing him to keep his medical license.
  • Our client faced three years in county jail for assaulting his then-romantic partner. Like the case outlined above, there was substantial evidence against him. With Attorney Saffari’s support, he only had to attend a weekly anger management class and pay a $500 fine.
  • Our client made a great decision when he secured our legal representation before the state had a chance to formally file charges. Through confidential negotiations, our law firm persuaded the District Attorney to drop the matter.

While we always strive for a “not guilty” verdict, it’s sometimes just not possible. In these instances, plea deals and other arrangements are the best possible outcomes, putting our clients first. We aim for a resolution that allows you to retain your current quality of life.

Our Los Angeles Criminal Justice Team Handles These Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence is not one crime. Charges may be brought for the perceived threat of violence, for an attack resulting in hospitalization, or worse. Our legal defense on your behalf will take an approach based on the facts of your case.

Domestic violence allegations may include the following:

Child Abduction

When an individual unlawfully takes a minor away from their lawful guardian, the result may be charges of kidnapping and child abduction. In child abduction cases, the parents or lawful guardians are considered victims, along with the child.

Child Abuse

Child abuse is a component of domestic violence and may be charged as a felony criminal offense. Active child abuse involves the infliction of physical or mental suffering, through intentional acts, upon an individual younger than eighteen years of age.

Child Endangerment

Endangering a child (or deliberately allowing them to be put in a dangerous situation or injured) can have serious legal consequences and is considered similar in severity to active child abuse. However, an accusation of child endangerment is not proof, and that’s where our Los Angeles domestic violence attorney protects your legal rights.

Child Neglect

In Los Angeles County, criminal charges for passive child abuse, such as neglect and abandonment, can be as prevalent as for those of active physical abuse. These offenses range from misdemeanors that involve depriving a minor of necessities to much graver felonies, where negligence leads to a child’s death.

Corporal Injury on a Spouse

Corporal abuse of a spouse includes acts such as hitting, beating, choking, kicking, pushing, or otherwise causing physical pain or injury to the other person. It must be noted that “spouse” is broadly defined to include former spouses, as well as those with whom you have or had an intimate relationship.

Criminal Threats

Domestic violence does not have to be physical for it to be considered a crime. Threatening actions or words can be considered a crime, even if no physical harm occurs. Making criminal threats has legal consequences, regardless of whether the threats were carried out.

Domestic Battery

A conviction of domestic battery may result in jail time or fines up to $2,000 for misdemeanor charges. There are more severe penalties for felony counts—up to four years in prison coupled with potential fines as high as $6,000.

Elder Abuse

California takes elder care seriously, ensuring all adults aged 65 and over are protected from abuse, be it physical, mental, or financial. When the alleged victim lives under the same roof as the accuser, or has a familial relationship with them, elder abuse becomes domestic violence.

Restraining Orders

When domestic abuse or violence is suspected, restraining orders may quickly follow. Restraining orders are issued in various stages, with different levels of sufficient evidence necessary. The emergency protective order can be issued quickly with a low burden of proof, based on immediate danger. These typically last a week or less, giving the alleged victim’s lawyer the chance to secure a temporary restraining order.

A temporary restraining order can last roughly three weeks, which covers the alleged victim until a full hearing can be held. At the hearing, the prosecutor will make the case for a permanent restraining order. The violation of a restraining order, including through stalking, is itself a serious offense.

Revenge Porn

It is illegal to put sexually explicit footage of someone online, even if the original recording was done with their consent. This grave violation of trust—revenge porn, as it’s called–can be considered an act of domestic violence.

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