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Types of Criminal Charges We Handle

Criminal Defense

Despite the decrease in crime over the years, Los Angeles has a reputation for being a dangerous place to live. So, prosecutors come down on these cases with the full force of their office, sometimes overstepping their boundaries and putting innocent people in jail. Whether you’re guilty of a crime or not, the fact remains: you deserve comprehensive legal representation.

Saffari Law Group time and time again gets positive outcomes for those facing the criminal justice system. A Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer from our team can handle your case and the many obligations that go into safeguarding your freedom. Connect with Attorney Ninaz Saffari and her law firm when you dial (213) 460-4922.

Why Partner With Our Los Angeles Criminal Justice Attorney?

Attorney Ninaz Saffari began her career 20 years ago as a public defender, branching out to establish Saffari Law Group eight years ago. We focus exclusively on criminal defense in Los Angeles and throughout the state of California, offering first-class service and aggressive representation in English, Farsi, German, and Spanish.

Attorney Saffari has worked on more than 7,000 cases and over 70 trials, achieving the highest AVVO rating of 10.0 for her work on behalf of criminal defendants. We’re confident that with our legal representation, we can secure the best possible outcome for your circumstances, whether that’s an acquittal or a plea bargain.

Our Criminal Defense Law Firm Protects Your Rights in Los Angeles

Every defendant has rights in the criminal justice system, including the right to a speedy trial, the right to present witnesses, and the right to face those who testify against them. Perhaps above all else, you have the right to hire a criminal defense lawyer. When you partner with Saffari Law Group, you get:

  • An advocate. Attorney Ninaz Saffari plans to stop at nothing to win your case. Relying on her wit, knowledge, and sharp memory, she calls even the smallest details into question when advocating for her clients. She’s secured positive outcomes for people who thought their lives were over.
  • An investigator. The prosecution needs compelling evidence to have a successful case. So, we interview witnesses, secure footage (if possible), and employ other methods to assert your innocence. We may work to have any improperly gathered evidence dismissed, hurting the prosecution’s case.
  • A defender. Your future is on the line, and when clients entrust us with their legal matters, their cases become our causes. You can expect your Los Angeles criminal defense attorney to take on your case like it’s their own future at stake.

Attorney Saffari, along with her senior case manager and forensic computer specialist, work in tandem to secure the best possible outcome. She treats you as an equal, never sugarcoating matters. You deserve to understand the gravity of your situation and the legwork that goes into asserting your rights. We encourage you to call now to discuss your case.

Our Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer Has Handled High-Profile Cases

Whether you’re just an average Joe or a prolific member of our community, Attorney Ninaz Saffari stands ready to offer personalized legal representation. We’re proud to have secured these outcomes:

  • After spending 14 months in jail for allegedly raping two women, Attorney Saffari secured an acquittal for our client. With our advocacy, we uncovered that the accusations were fabricated.
  • Before founding her own law firm, Attorney Ninaz Saffari worked to secure an acquittal for Rick Tabish, who was accused of murdering Ted Binion, a Las Vegas casino mogul.
  • Our client got into a brawl with another person, where both were armed with a hammer and wrench. The state charged our client with attempted murder. However, with the help of Berkeley graduate Attorney Saffari, she got the charge downgraded to trespassing––a shell of the original charge.

The criminal defense system is nothing like what you’ve seen on TV or portrayed in other popular media. There are no surprise witnesses or last-minute testimonies that turn the tides. Getting a fair outcome involves understanding your circumstances, crafting a tailored defense, and combating the state’s allegations.

Don’t spend another moment feeling uncertain about your legal defense and what comes next. Instead, connect with Saffari Law Group when you call (213) 460-4922.

Our Los Angeles Criminal Defense Practice Areas

At Saffari Law Group, we serve clients in Los Angeles who are facing charges stemming from:

Assault and Battery

Assault and battery are often considered one crime, but legally, they are two different crimes. Assault is a deliberate action that makes another person believe they are going to be harmed. Battery is an action that causes bodily injury or offensive contact.

You may be charged with a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the situation. Our team is prepared to defend you against all charges.

Drug Crimes

The County of Los Angeles’ District Attorney’s office has a reputation for aggressively pursuing drug crime charges and pushing for tough sentencing in such cases. Conversely, Saffari Law Group has the reputation of fiercely pushing back on prosecutors who are loose with the facts and prone to support false accusations.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious crime, but it’s important to remember that an accusation does not equal guilt. Defendants branded with these allegations can sometimes find friends or family turn away just when they are needed the most. Our team doesn’t turn away from our clients. We support you from beginning to end.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

In Los Angeles, when a driver’s blood alcohol concentration tests 0.08% or higher, they can be charged with driving under the influence. However, field test kits are riddled with flaws, and law enforcement officers may exceed their authority when making a traffic stop. Before giving a statement to the arresting officer, protect your rights by speaking with our Los Angeles DUI attorney.

Firearm and Weapon Crimes

Weapons charges cover everything from misdemeanor offenses like improper storage of ammunition to felonies, such as supplying gangs with high-powered weapons. California’s strict gun laws are enforced by the County of Los Angeles’ District Attorney’s office, who zealously pursue prosecution. Attorney Saffari’s years of experience as a public defender and private practitioner provide her with a deep knowledge of how best to face off with the D.A.

Fraud Crimes

Fraud is a white-collar crime typically rife with financially complex issues. To ensure our clients stand on an even footing with the well-resourced prosecution, Saffari Law Group works with private consultants and experts who easily sift through the numbers to find the exculpatory information we need for your defense.

Hit-and-Run Accident Defense

A hit-and-run offense is a criminal act in which an individual harms another person or property and flees without identifying themselves. Depending on the circumstances, a conviction can carry serious consequences. Our hit-and-run defense lawyer in Los Angeles stays in the fight to protect your rights and find a positive outcome.


In California, taking a human life is the most serious offense one can commit. Those convicted face severe punishment. When you are in this fight, you need an attorney who understands the stakes and fully commits to the battle.

Juvenile Defense Cases

Juvenile defense is in its own corner of criminal law, requiring special knowledge and procedural understanding different from that found in adult cases. Inexperienced attorneys who wade into juvenile defense without proper preparation risk losing the case, and they may face a malpractice lawsuit or an investigation by the state bar. Attorney Saffari has extensive experience in juvenile law and steering and protecting juveniles and their families through the system.

Sex Crimes

Being up on sex crime charges can have serious implications beyond the legal ramifications. Such charges can destroy your reputation, affecting your job and personal relationships. Know that if you have been charged with a sex crime, you want a strong legal defense, which you will get from Saffari Law Group in Los Angeles.


Theft crimes are those in which someone unlawfully takes another person’s property without their consent or knowledge. One can be accused of theft for shoplifting or bank robbery. Depending on the severity of the crime, theft offenses may be classified as misdemeanors or felonies. Any charge of theft should not be taken lightly. If you’re facing theft charges, contact our experienced theft defense attorney in Los Angeles for a complimentary case evaluation.

If convicted, a criminal record can linger and cause damage as you try to rebuild your life. We fight every charge with equal intensity and remain aware of how today’s decisions may affect your tomorrow.

What Should I Do While Facing Criminal Charges in Los Angeles?

Your next steps largely depend on the facts of your situation. Yet, the important thing to know is that your criminal case should instill reasonable doubt in jurors’ (or the judge’s) minds. So, you want to paint your character in the best possible light. This may involve:

  • Refraining from discussing your felony or misdemeanor charge with anyone. You know the saying, “Anything you say can and will be used against you”? That doesn’t just apply to the moments after your arrest; it applies throughout the criminal proceedings. Anything you say about your charges could come back to complicate your case later.
  • Not taking a plea agreement without speaking with your lawyer. The state may offer a plea deal shortly after your arrest––and to put an end to the matter, you may accept one. Don’t call it quits before a lawyer can evaluate your case. We can evaluate plea deals and explain whether any are fair. We may even forgo a plea deal and keep our eyes on the prize: an acquittal.
  • Exploring your legal options with our team. Right now, you can schedule a 60-minute consultation with our legal team and explore your options. We conduct consultations via Zoom or over the phone––whatever works for you. Of course, you’re always welcome to visit one of our three locations in Beverly Hills, San Diego, and Los Angeles.

Put Your Future First with Saffari Law Group’s Legal Team

Our Los Angeles law firm’s entire focus is serving criminal defendants. Call us evenings, weekends, or whenever is most convenient for you. Dial (213) 460-4922 to start your initial legal consultation. We don’t stop working until we have the best outcome possible for you and your future.

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Criminal Defense Practice Areas

We serve clients facing charges in the following areas:

Assault and battery are often spoken of as one, but in the legal arena they are different crimes. Crafting an effective defense for each requires a distinctive strategy tailored to its individual definition and scope.

Southern California acts as a major port for illegal substances, meaning an increased risk of drug crimes. Defendants can face harsher consequences from law enforcement due to these rising concerns, meaning people are vulnerable to false accusations or misconduct. Our criminal defense law firm is here to combat that.

Domestic violence is an abhorrent crime, and one that unfortunately continues to plague our society. But it’s important to remember that every accusation does not equate guilt, and everyone deserves a chance at redemption. Defendants branded with these allegations can sometimes find friends or family turning their back on them. We won’t. Call our office at 213-460-4922 or fill out our online contact form for the legal help you deserve.

When a driver’s blood-alcohol content level is tested at 0.08% or higher, they can be charged with driving while intoxicated. But that test isn’t as perfect as many people think, and it’s at least possible the police officer may have exceeded their authority in even making the traffic stop. Before you plead out, talk to our lawyer.

Weapons charges cover everything from misdemeanor offenses like failing to store ammunition properly, to felonies that can include supplying street gangs with high-powered weapons: California has some of the nation’s strictest gun laws and the District Attorney’s office is often pro-active in prosecuting these crimes. Defendants need to be sure they have a lawyer who understands how to battle the D.A.

Fraud generally falls into three broad categories—embezzlement, forgery, and white-collar crime. These cases are often rife with financial complexity. To ensure our clients can stand on even footing with the well-resourced prosecuting attorneys, Saffari Law Group works with private consultations and experts who know how to pore through thousands of pages, seeking the exculpatory information that defendants are relying on.

A hit-and-run offense is a criminal act in which someone, after causing an accident or injury to another person or property, flees without leaving any evidence of identification. Conviction on these charges carries serious consequences and we’re here to demand that the District Attorney prove those charges beyond a reasonable doubt—or else our client is going home.

In California, taking a human life is the most serious offense one can commit. Those convicted will face long prison sentences or even capital punishment. Even “lesser” homicide offenses, such as the threat to commit murder, come with substantial prison sentences. When defendants are fighting for their life, they need a lawyer who understands the stakes.

Juvenile defense is its own unique form of criminal law, requiring knowledge and procedures not found in adult cases. Inexperienced attorneys who take on juvenile defense without proper preparation risk losing more than just the case–they could face a malpractice suit or even an investigation by the state bar. Saffari Law Group gives juvenile defendants and their families the peace of mind they need.

Post-Conviction Legal Defense

Termination of probation and expungement of criminal records are two important processes for those convicted of a crime. Probation termination occurs when all the requirements of a person’s probation have been fulfilled and they no longer need to report to their probation officer. Expungement is the process of having criminal records erased from public databases, including court records. These post-conviction steps can help individuals get better job opportunities, housing, loans and more as they move on with their lives.

Attorney Ninaz Saffari has established an impressive history of success with pre-filing dismissals. By taking aggressive action to get criminal cases dismissed before charges are filed, she has helped individuals across the city, and the entire state of California beat allegations and protect their legal rights.

In California, committing a sex offense–even “minor” ones – can have serious implications. Apart from the legal penalties imposed by law, such as mandatory registration as a sex offender and potential jail time, those convicted face long-term personal repercussions that may ruin their reputation in society. They need and deserve a legal defense. And they get it from our  criminal defense law firm.

Theft crimes refer to any criminal offense in which someone unlawfully takes another person’s property without their consent or knowledge. These can range from simple shoplifting to larger scale robberies and burglaries. Depending on the severity of the crime, theft offenses may be classified as misdemeanors or felonies.

Violent crime charges can tear a life apart. But an experienced lawyer provides hope, helping their client to navigate the legal obstacles and build the best possible defense for each unique case.