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Beverly Hills criminal defense attorney Ninaz Saffari is a seasoned advocate who tailors a unique defense strategy for each client based on their circumstances. Her ultimate objective is to help her clients get the best possible outcome, whether that’s a dismissal, acquittal, or reduction of charges.

Throughout her career, Attorney Saffari has been prominently involved in numerous criminal cases, equipping her with the ability to respond promptly to new developments and devise preemptive defenses for potential case developments. Given the time-sensitive nature of criminal investigations, Attorney Saffari’s knowledge and experience in these fields give her clients a shot at justice.

If you’re facing criminal charges, you want more than an attorney; you want a lawyer from Saffari Law Group. Call our legal team, and start your no-obligation consultation.

Our Beverly Hills Criminal Defense Team Puts Your Needs First

Every defendant has rights in the American criminal justice system. The right to an attorney. The right to be presumed innocent unless proven otherwise beyond a reasonable doubt. Yet, too often, those rights exist only in theory. Defendants can be falsely accused, railroaded into bad plea deals, and suffer from inadequate legal counsel.

An individual’s rights do not dissolve the moment they are arrested or charged with a felony. When you secure legal representation from Saffari Law Group, you get peace of mind that we’re doing everything possible to protect your future and your freedom.

This involves:

Reviewing the Details of Your Arrest

One of our first obligations involves reviewing the details of your arrest. This entails reviewing whether law enforcement had a reason to pull you over (if applicable), conduct a search, or place you under arrest. If we find that the police violated your rights, we can move to have any evidence they collected barred from trial, possibly hurting the state’s case.

Listening to Your Side of the Story

In the eyes of the law, you’re innocent until proven guilty by a jury of your peers. Yet, it certainly might not feel that way as you navigate the criminal justice system. Saffari Law Group offers representation without judgment. We know that mistakes happen, and you deserve to have your case heard and fairly considered. Being charged with a crime isn’t the end of your life. We aim to secure an outcome that helps promote a new beginning.

Instilling Confidence About Your Case’s Outcome

Defendants who entrust their cases to Saffari Law Group get peace of mind that they’re doing everything possible to protect their futures. They work with a lawyer who understands the meticulous investigation required to build a case against criminal charges and the passionate vigor necessary to win it.

With our team, you’ll never feel alone or unsure about your next steps. We offer comprehensive, compassionate legal services in your time of need.

Our Beverly Hills Criminal Defense Attorney Gets Results

At Saffari Law Group, our cases become our causes. Attorney Ninaz Saffari will take on your case like it’s her own future on the line—because in the legal world, it is. When you entrust us with your criminal defense case, we don’t pass matters off to clerks or paralegals. You work directly with our founding partner and benefit from the experience she’s gained from handling dozens of cases.   

Since 2005, we’ve secured positive outcomes for a host of clients. Consider the following:

  • Our client got into a serious brawl where both he and the other party suffered serious injuries. The state charged our client with Deliberate and Premeditated Attempted Murder and Aggravated Battery Causing Serious Injury. We helped our client avoid a life sentence, and they were only required to undergo outpatient counseling.
  • Computer software revealed that our client had downloaded dozens and dozens of child pornography files on his laptop. The state charged our client with two felonies, posing the risk of jail time and lifelong registry on a sex offender website. We got the felony reduced to a misdemeanor and secured a plea deal that waived jail time. 
  • The state charged our client with felony possession after law enforcement found 30 grams of meth in his home. Attorney Ninaz Saffari fought this case for three years until she secured a plea deal that reduced the felony to a misdemeanor, resulting in no fines or jail time. 

Attorney Saffari has a reputation for winning her successful trial cases during the opening argument and will always push a case to trial unless her client is offered a favorable plea deal. Call (213) 460-4922 to learn more.

We Advocate for Beverly Hills Defendants Facing These Charges

Our law offices serve clients facing:

Sex Crimes

In California, committing a sex offense–even a “minor” one–can have serious implications. Apart from the legal penalties imposed for sex crimes, such as mandatory registration as a sex offender and potential jail time, those convicted face long-term personal repercussions that may ruin their reputation in society. They want and deserve a legal defense. And they get it from our Beverly Hills criminal defense law firm.


In California, taking a human life is the most serious offense one can commit. Those convicted will face decades or even life in prison. Even “lesser” homicide offenses, such as attempted murder or the threat to commit murder, come with substantial prison sentences. When defendants are fighting for their lives, they want a lawyer who understands the stakes.

Federal Charges

Some law firms in Beverly Hills only focus on misdemeanor offenses. Other firms claim to tackle federal cases, but simply don’t have the resources to successfully advocate for their clients. 

Our team has the experience you want handling your federal felony case. We can manage everything from murder to kidnapping. You don’t want a lawyer with little federal experience handling your case. You want an attorney who understands the legal process inside and out. Attorney Ninaz Saffari stands ready to stand up for your rights in federal court, fighting for your future each step of the way.

Assault and Battery Charges

Assault and battery are often spoken of as one, but in the legal arena, they are different crimes. Crafting an effective defense for each requires a distinctive strategy tailored to its definition and scope. We consider your criminal history, arrest’s details, and other factors to learn what measures could secure an acquittal.

Domestic Violence Charges

Facing domestic violence charges is terrifying; however, it’s important to remember that every accusation does not equate to guilt, and everyone deserves a chance at redemption.

Defendants branded with these allegations can sometimes find friends or family turning their backs on them as they face a potential criminal conviction. We don’t turn our backs on those facing criminal charges. Call our law office for the legal help you deserve.

Drug Crimes

Southern California is a major port for illegal substances, increasing the risk of drug crimes. Defendants can face harsher consequences from law enforcement due to these rising concerns, meaning people are vulnerable to false accusations or police misconduct. Our Beverly Hills criminal defense law firm is here to combat that.

Fraud Charges

Fraud generally falls into three broad categories: embezzlement, forgery, and white-collar crime. These cases are often rife with financial complexities. To ensure our clients can stand on even footing with well-resourced prosecuting attorneys, Saffari Law Group works with private consultations and experts who know how to find the exculpatory information that defendants rely on.

Felony Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

A felony driving under the influence (DUI) conviction means you face jail time, fines, and the loss of driving privileges. You may have options for a charge or penalty reduction. If you are facing felony DUI charges, talk to our lawyer.

Firearms and Weapons Charges  

California has some of the nation’s strictest gun laws, and the District Attorney’s office is often proactive in prosecuting these crimes. In cases like these, you want a criminal justice lawyer who can battle the D.A.’s accusations. We believe that Saffari Law Group is the best choice for your circumstances.


A hit-and-run offense is a criminal act in which someone, after causing an accident or injury to another person or property, flees without leaving any evidence of identification. Conviction on these charges carries serious consequences, and we’re here to demand that the District Attorney prove those charges beyond a reasonable doubt, or else we push for a dismissal of charges.

Theft Charges

Theft crimes refer to any criminal offense in which someone unlawfully takes another person’s property without their consent or knowledge. These can range from simple shoplifting offenses to larger-scale robberies and burglaries. Depending on the severity of the crime, theft offenses may be classified as misdemeanors or felonies.

We Help Previously Convicted Clients Clear Their Names

Often, clients come to our firm from other law offices after losing their cases. They ask Attorney Ninaz Saffari about their options for overcoming a conviction’s penalties. Sometimes, we’re able to terminate their probation terms or expunge a conviction from their criminal record.

These post-conviction steps can help individuals get better job opportunities, housing, loans, and more as they move on with their lives.

With Early Intervention, We May Be Able to Get Your Charges Dismissed

Attorney Ninaz Saffari has a reputation for securing pre-trial dismissals. She helps clients get their cases dismissed at this stage, meaning their cases never make it to trial. By taking aggressive action to get criminal cases dismissed before charges are filed, she has helped individuals in the city of Beverly Hills (and the entire state of California) beat allegations and protect their legal rights.

Call for Your Free Consultation With a Criminal Defense Attorney Today

If you have been arrested or even contacted by law enforcement officials, call our Beverly Hills criminal defense lawyer today. We serve with compassion, not judgment. Our goal is to protect you from the wayward application of the law and secure a much-deserved second chance.

Once you become our client, you get your lawyer’s phone number, and you’re encouraged to call whenever you have questions or concerns. We are dedicated to your defense from the moment we meet until the case is over. Call us today for a free consultation.

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