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When a person is facing domestic violence charges, they must find a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer—one with in-depth knowledge of the legal system and a track record of success. 

Saffari Law Group offers defendants an experienced Los Angeles domestic violence lawyer who believes passionately in the rights of the accused, understands how unfair the system can be, and—most importantly—has a demonstrated ability to win at trial. 

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Types of Domestic Violence Crimes in California

There is a wide range of criminal allegations that are grouped broadly as domestic violence crimes, but the legal defense on each one will have to take a unique approach based on the specific facts of each case. Domestic violence allegations can include the following: 

Child Abduction

When an individual unlawfully takes a minor away from their lawful guardian, the result can be charged for both kidnapping and child abduction. The reason is that in child abduction cases, the parents or lawful guardians are considered victims, along with the child. 

Child Abuse

Child abuse is a component of domestic violence. These can be charged as felony offenses. Active child abuse involves the infliction of physical or mental suffering, through intentional acts, upon an individual younger than eighteen.

Child Endangerment

Endangering a child can have serious legal consequences and is considered similar in severity to active child abuse. Society views the protection of children with utmost importance, and rightfully so. What’s not right is when a person is wrongfully accused of this crime. That’s where our Los Angeles domestic violence attorney comes in. 

Child Neglect

In Los Angeles County, criminal charges for passive child abuse, such as neglect and abandonment, can be as prevalent as those of active physical abuse. These offenses range from misdemeanors that involve depriving a minor of necessities to much graver felonies, where negligence leads to a child’s death. 

Corporal Injury on a Spouse

Corporal abuse of a spouse includes acts such as hitting, beating, choking, kicking, pushing, or otherwise causing physical pain or injury to the other person. It must be noted that “spouse” is defined broadly to include former spouses, as well as those one is, or has been, in an intimate relationship with. 

Criminal Threats

Domestic violence doesn’t always have to be physical. Threatening actions or words can still be considered a crime even if no harm occurs. People who threaten their current and former family, dating partners, or any related persons can face legal consequences that include prison time–regardless of whether they planned to carry out the threats that were made. 

Domestic Battery

Domestic battery allegations can come with grave repercussions, ranging from a year of jail time and fines up to $2,000 for misdemeanor charges. There are more severe penalties for felony counts—up to four years in prison coupled with potential fines as high as $6,000. 

Elder Abuse

California takes elder care seriously, ensuring all adults aged 65 and over are protected from any form of abuse, be it physical, mental, or financial. When the alleged victim lives under the same roof as the accuser or has a familial relationship with them, elder abuse has become domestic violence. 

Restraining Orders

We all have a basic right to be safe in our homes, and restraining orders are intended to serve that purpose. Restraining orders are issued in various stages, with different levels of evidence necessary. The emergency protective order can be issued quickly, with a low burden of proof, based on immediate danger. These typically last a week or less, giving the victim’s lawyer the chance to secure a temporary restraining order.

This can last roughly three weeks, which gives the victim safe until a full hearing can be held. At the hearing, the attorney will make the case for a permanent restraining order. The violation of a restraining order, including through stalking, is a serious offense unto itself. 

Revenge Porn

It is illegal to put sexually explicit footage of someone online, even if the original recording was done with their consent. This grave violation of trust—revenge porn, as it’s called–can be considered an act of domestic violence. 

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