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Rape Suspect Arrested after DNA Evidence Linked Him to September 2012 Case

In a significant breakthrough towards achieving justice, a suspect linked by conclusive DNA evidence has been apprehended in connection with a September 2012 case involving rape and forcible rape in Los Angeles. This arrest marks a pivotal milestone in addressing the serious issue of sexual assault within the city. The use of DNA evidence highlights the unwavering dedication of law enforcement to resolve cold cases and ensure that individuals responsible for their actions are held accountable. This arrest not only signifies a triumph for the legal system but also serves as a powerful message that those engaging in such reprehensible acts, which necessitate the expertise of a rape defense lawyer in Los Angeles, will be actively pursued and brought to justice. This, in turn, offers a profound sense of closure and relief to survivors and the community as a whole.

Ninaz will ultimately prove her Client’s innocence of all Rape charges

ABC7 Los Angeles (March 6, 2013)



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